Scan Capital Pty Ltd AFSL 400964 and Scan Pty Ltd
Scancorp Queensland Office
Suite 22, Newstead Commercial Village
76 Doggett Street
Newstead QLD 4006
T 07 3902 2400 F 07 3399 4288

Highly Profitable Integrated Parts, Machinery Sales and Service Business - QLD

A Unique Opportunity:

* Established >10 years with a highly diversified client base
* Highly consistent revenues of ~$8.5 million over the past 3 years
* High levels of recurring revenues - less dependent on economic cycles
* >80% of revenues derived from repeat clients
* Significant competitive advantage-exclusive dealership agreements, agencies accounted for over 50% of sales FY18
* Highly experienced staff cover all aspects of the business
* Highly diversified business by client, sector and geographic exposure

Compelling Value:

* FY18 Normalised EBITDA of ~$900,000
* Relatively low stock holding and high inventory turnover
* High gross profit margins in excess of 28% over the past 3 years
* >90% of gross profit derived from service and parts sales
* Major growth opportunities available


For Sale
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Agent details

Marcus Salouk
mob: 0400 183 234

ph: 07 3902 2400
fax: 07 3399 4288

Unit 22/76 Doggett Street


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