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Scancorp Queensland Office
Suite 22, Newstead Commercial Village
76 Doggett Street
Newstead QLD 4006
T 07 3902 2400 F 07 3399 4288

CENTRAL QLD - Industrial Protective Coating & Associated Services


A real opportunity as a Trade Sale of for dedicated owners!

This Company has over 30 years of service knowledge providing quality wear-resistant linings and protective coatings to protect machinery from abrasion, corrosion or chemical attack.

Provides cost effective solutions to organisations in the mining, sugar, agricultural, chemical and engineering sectors in Australia.

Products and services include but are not limited to spray and cast polyurethane, alumina tiling, polyethylene pipe welding and engineering plastics. The Company specialise in custom cast polyurethane parts.

Typically the Company's clients depend on the Company as an integral process in their own manufacturing chain. In many cases, the client's Quality Assurance Programme is linked in with their system.

The Company's Products and Services:

* Cast Polyurethane
* Spray Polyurethane
* HDPE Pipe & Fittings
* Alumina Tiles & Adhesives
* Relagg of Pulleys
* Epoxies, Wear Resistant Coatings
* Steel Fabrication ӿ Industrial Plastics
* Nylons, PTFE, Polyethylene
* FRAS Components for underground applications
* Mine Hose, Pipe Floats, Pontoons, Walkways
* HDPE Fabrication, Pipes, Covers, Tanks
* Valves and Fittings
* Plastic Fabrication

Price Expectation: $1,002,000 including Stock

- Price represents a Return on Investment of 50% based on the past 2 years averages EBITD to owner/managers.
- Turnover FY2014 in excess of $4.3M with straight line forecast 2015 circa $4.4M.
- Achieving top industry Gross Profit Margins of greater than 32%.
- Disposable Income to owner/manager circa $655k based on EBITD FYs 2014.
- EBIT post management and depreciation circa $524k based on EBITD FYs 2014.
- Innovative Technology - RPR rust and paint removal machine.
- Excellent Workshop Facilities.
- Site Shutdown & Maintenance Crews.
- Pipeline Specialists
- Pressure Testing & Quality Assurance.
- Operationally fully managed by competent staff.
- Exceptional reputation for quality and reliability.
- Quality Handover assured.
- Trading history - 30 years
- Ideal acquisition for a trade buyer or a buyer seeking to acquire a strong 5 day per week industrial coatings business together with an established customer base.
- Long term secure lease over the existing premises; or a purchase of the Premises is possible.


For Sale
Price: $1,002,000 including Stock

By appointment

Agent details

mob: 0412 313 647
ph: 07 3902 2400

Suite 22 / 76 Doggett Street
Newstead Qld 4006


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