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Advisory Case Studies

Scancorp's Advisory Overview

Scancorp (Scan Capital Pty Ltd) operates under an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL 400964).

Our team has gained its experience from tier 1 multi-national corporates, consulting and advisory firms and has collectively worked on over $10B in transactions.

Scancorp applies the disciplines of its tier 1 commercial and advisory experience to facilitate outcomes for Australian small and medium sized companies.

Advisory Case Study: Acquisition of assets under administration

  • Transaction value range: $5m-$10m
  • Industry: Pool products manufacture and wholesale
  • Role:Scancorp was retained to manage the acquisition process of the assets under administration.
  • Background:
      • Prior to Poolrite Australia Pty Ltd and Poolrite Research Pty Ltd ("Poolrite") entering into administration, Scancorp had assisted Evolve Supply Chain Pty Ltd ("Evolve") and Poolrite to structure an outsource manufacture and distribution arrangement whereby Evolve would provide operational support to Poolrite.
  • Process:
      • After entering administration, Scancorp coordinated the Deed of Company Arrangement (DOCA) submitted by Evolve.
      • Scancorp was responsible for developing the financial model and deal structure for the DOCA
      • Scancorp negotiated the DOCA with Administrators and presented the DOCA to creditors
      • Scancorp subsequently worked with the administrators to present an offer for the assets under liquidation
      • In parallel with Evolve's acquisition of Poolrite assets, Scancorp ran a tender process to solicit interest for a subset of the assets.
      • Scancorp managed the offer, acceptance and contracting process with the successful bidder.
  • Outcomes:
      • The two transactions (ie Evolve's purchase and its partial sale) successfully completed contemporaneously.
      • Scancorp assisted to successfully secure the Poolrite assets against local and international competition while ensuring the transaction remained affordable to its client
      • Evolve secured a manufacturing agreement from the successful purchaser of a subset of its assets
  • Estimated return on Scancorp fees:>10x (tangible benefit achieved / fees)

Advisory Case Study: Secondary sell down of ASX listed shares

  • Industry: Publicly listed entertainment company
  • Role:Scancorp was retained by the largest minority shareholders of a publicly listed company to facilitate a sale of their shares.
  • Background:
      • The listed company was majority (>75%) owned and controlled by its major multi-national shareholder.
      • Scancorp's clients owned circa 20% shareholding
      • Due to the highly illiquid nature of the stock, brokers were unable/unwilling to assist the minority shareholders
  • Process:
      • Scancorp was retained to generate awareness for the share sale and facilitate the transaction.
      • Scancorp managed an initial campaign to attract interest from sophisticated investors who wish to acquire large parcels of shares. This process was unsuccessful as the shares were illiquid and represented only a minority interest.
      • Due to the iconic nature of the listed company, Scancorp elected to run a retail share sale campaign to the public.
      • Shares were sold in $1,000 bundles making them highly accessible to the general public and supporters of the listed company
      • Scancorp developed the marketing campaign which included: print advertising, radio advertisements, television advertisements, web based campaigns and brochures.
      • Scancorp managed all required disclosures and advertising approvals associated with a share sale to retail clients
      • To eliminate the requirement for share brokers, Scancorp developed an "off-market" share sale process
      • Scancorp managed development of a dedicate website that would enable shares to be purchased over the web by the public
      • Scancorp engaged and managed the call centre to enable the public to place orders over the telephone
      • Funds were receipted to Scancorp's trust account and share registration was matched with cleared funds
      • Scancorp managed the transaction with the share registry to complete the registration process
      • Scancorp managed the compliance process under its AFSL
  • Outcomes:
      • The process represented one of the first large scale off-market secondary share sell-downs to the public
      • Scancorp attracted circa 200 new shareholders to acquire its client's shares
      • Scancorp introduced the major buyer to its clients as a result of its initial campaign to sophisticated parties
      • The result of the 2 campaigns exceeded the initial target of the share sell-down
  • Estimated return on Scancorp fees:>20x (tangible benefit achieved / fees)

Advisory Case Study: Tender management

  • Transaction value range: $40m (including follow-on contract)
  • Industry: Transportation sector
  • Role:Scancorp and Doug Golden (nem) were retained to manage the tender process for the client.
  • Background:
      • The contract had been held for over 40 years by our client
      • Due to corporate policy, our client's contract was required to be put to tender
      • Competition involved large local and international carriers
      • Loss of this contract would jeopardise our client's ability to secure a subsequent contract that would also be tendered (value circa $40m).
  • Process:
      • Development of the bid strategy
      • Competitor analysis and development of client SWOT
      • Analysis of historic contract profitability by route, service and product
      • Formulation of the "Price to Win Envelope"
      • Development of the proposal
      • Ensuring RFQ compliance
      • Development and rehearsal of the presentation
      • Support during presentation
      • Assistance with the negotiation process
  • Outcomes:
      • Our client successfully secured the contract against strong local and international competition
      • Our client's final contract was within its target profitability range
  • Estimated return on Scancorp fees:>6x (tangible benefit achieved / fees)

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