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The anatomy of a business roll-up

Overview of the roll-up process

  • Consolidation is occurring across many industries. As such, the roll-up has become an important expansion strategy for acquirers and key exit strategy for business owners.
  • Scancorp has developed an overview of the roll-up strategy and process.
  • This addresses the following:
      • 1. What is a roll-up?
      • 2. My business is roll-up - what will my deal look like?
      • 3. Synergy - the key to a successful roll-up
      • 4. Advantages of a roll-up
      • 5. When is a roll-up not an appropriate exit strategy?
      • 6. Scancorp's critical success factors of a successful roll-up
      • 7. Optimising the roll-up deal for the Business Owner
      • 8. Scancorp Observations

For more information:

Contact: Marcus Salouk
E: Contact -
T: 07 3902 2400


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