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Optimising the acquisition and divestment process

Optimising the acquisition and divestment process

  • Drawing on its 26 years of experience in divestment, mergers and acquisitions, Scancorp has identified 20 key characteristics that determine the attractiveness of private and unlisted public companies to potential acquirers.
  • We have identified the 20 key characteristics based on our experience of the criteria used by strategic buyers (such as a trade sale to industry participants) and financial buyers (such as an acquisition or a leveraged buyout through an investment syndicate or private equity fund). We often see these criteria expressed as part of a buyer's analysis and due-diligence process.
  • Scancorp has grouped the key characteristics into "5 Pillars":
      • 1. Financial: such as the trend of profitability and the proposed valuation,
      • 2. Sustainability: including the strength of the management team and independence of the business from the current owners,
      • 3. Competitive Positioning: which considers the extent to which the company's offerings are differentiated and the barriers that deter new entrants to the market,
      • 4. Customer and Industry Dynamics: such as the extent to which revenues are recurring and the level of industry regulation (which may present as a positive barrier to new entry or a negative barrier to further growth), and
      • 5. Expansion Opportunities: including for example, tangible opportunities for growth and the ability of the company to scale to enjoy such growth.

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