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Preparing your business for optimal sale

The "Baby Boomer Tsunami"

  • Over the next 10 years, 70% of business owners will seek to sell their businesses.
  • 80% of small businesses are owned by Baby Boomers who are now entering 60s and 70s.
  • As the Baby Boomers need to convert the wealth in their business to cash to retire there will be a flood of businesses on the market.
  • To enable business owners to achieve fair value, owners of all ages must ensure their business are exceptionally well prepared and presented.

Scancorp's Divestment Readiness Assessment (DRA)

  • The DRA assesses the readiness of business for sale and identifies any specific actions required to optimise sale outcome - whether or not owner intends to sell in near-term.
  • The DRA was developed over 30 months leveraging over 30 years of M&A expertise.
  • The DRA draws on Scancorp's '5 Pillars" which identify the critical characteristics that buyers look for in an acquisition


The Divestment Readiness Assessment provides a business owner with an expert insight into:
1. The overall preparedness of their business for sale in the short-term. This considers 2 dimensions:
- The relative ease with which the business can be sold based on its current structure in the current market, and
- The relative financial performance of the business compared with its potential.
2. An appraisal that provides the assessed value range of the business in its current state if presented to market in the short-term. The appraisal considers the attractiveness of the business to a variety of buyers such as financial investors and industry acquirers.
3. The high priority initiatives that would make the business more saleable and/or substantially improve the anticipated sale price of the business.

Benefits to a business owner

The Divestment Readiness Assessment is an ideal stepping-stone for an owner who wishes to optimise their business for sale - whether or not they intend to sell in the short-term.

The Divestment Readiness Assessment delivers the following benefits to the owner:
1. Provides independent advice that is in the best interests of the owner
2. Greatly assists the owner to decide whether they should proceed with a sale in the short-term
3. Identifies specific actions that are expected to substantially improve the owner's sale outcome
4. Enables the owner to understand the likely value they would achieve at exit
5. Provides the owner with an understanding of the business sale process
6. Serves as a "stepping-stone" for owner who wish to consider selling in the future
7. Captures key information that would "kick-start" the owner's Information Memorandum and disclosure documentation should they wish to proceed to sale
8. At no stage during the Divestment Readiness Assessment is there an expectation that the owner will proceed to a sale.

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