Scan Capital Pty Ltd AFSL 400964 and Scan Pty Ltd
Scancorp Queensland Office
Suite 22, Newstead Commercial Village
76 Doggett Street
Newstead QLD 4006
T 07 3902 2400 F 07 3399 4288

Scancorp's advisory services facilitate business success

  • In many cases, you will be inspecting a business that has been professionally coached for sale
    • Scancorp is focused on ensuring businesses are well prepared for sale
    • We pride ourselves on acting on behalf of some of the best business opportunities within the Australian SME sector
    • In cases where a business for sale is not prepared for sale we offer the business owner our Divestment Readiness Offering (DRO) to establish a program that enables their company to prepare for divestment
    • In return, our business buyers are presented with a more robust business opportunity
  • Post Acquisition Support (PAS) improves the business buyer's confidence in their business for sale
    • The experience of transitioning into a new business acquisition can be challenging
    • We offer Post-Acquisition Support (PAS) to assists business buyers to "settle-in" to their new acquisition
    • We believe this improves the transition and increases the likelihood of their purchase being successful
    • This enhanced level of support improves business buyer's confidence and ultimately makes your business for sale more appealing
    • In many cases the buyer is not required to pay for this service
  • We match buyers of business and sellers of business
    • In many cases our responsibilities extend beyond finding the buyer who will pay the highest price to buy your business
    • This may be the case where a business owner is seeking to retain some equity in the business and/or continue to remain employed by the new owners
    • In such cases Scancorp seeks to identify investors and acquirers who will be well suited to the business and to the current owner
  • We have national licensing and coverage
    • We are licensed in every state in Australia
    • Our referral networks and marketing campaigns are focussed on generating a national presence
  • Offerings to Business Owners and Sellers
  • Buy - Once an offer is accepted, the buyer will typically undertake relevant due-diligence to confirm the financial and legal aspects of the purchase. This due-diligence may be completed in 2-4 weeks and the sale contract typically executed within the subsequent 3-5 weeks.

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