Scan Capital Pty Ltd AFSL 400964 and Scan Pty Ltd
Scancorp Queensland Office
Suite 22, Newstead Commercial Village
76 Doggett Street
Newstead QLD 4006
T 07 3902 2400 F 07 3399 4288

We apply our unique offerings to maximise the value of your business for sale

  • The attention of a team
    • When you work with us your business transaction is supported by a team of professionals including marketers, financial and analytical professionals and business strategists
    • By working as a team we are able to achieve superior outcomes for our clients
  • Divestment Readiness Offering (DRO) for future business sellers
    • Many business owners approach Scancorp when their business for sale is not optimally prepared for sale
    • In such cases we work with the owner using our proven Divestment Readiness Offering (DRO) to better prepare the business for sale and the owner for divestment
    • This program can be employed over 6 to 18 months, during which time we work with your accountant and with financiers to greatly improve the performance of the business for sale and the attractiveness of the business for sale
  • Post Acquisition Support (PAS) improves buyer of business confidence in your business for sale
    • The experience of transitioning into a new business for sale can be challenging
    • We offer Post-Acquisition Support (PAS) to assists buyers of business to "settle in" to their new acquisition
    • We believe this improves the transition and increases the likelihood of their purchase being successful
    • This enhanced level of support improves buyer of business confidence and ultimately makes your business for sale more appealing
  • We are national experts in franchise strategy and sales
    • Scancorp is a nationally recognised leader in franchise strategy, marketing and brokerage
    • We are retained by several of Australia's leading franchisors
    • "strong>Scancorp's franchise transactions are headed by Paul Tiller. Paul is dedicated to franchise transactions and has over six years experience in the industry. |
  • We undertake International Marketing Programs (IMP) to attract foreign interest
    • Many of the businesses Scancorp supports are attractive to foreign investment
    • This may include overseas investor and private equity groups in addition to individuals such as investors and families seeking to migrate permanently to Australia
    • In response to this demand Scancorp has an established International Marketing Program (IMP) that facilitates the promotion of suitable businesses overseas

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