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Ross Tiller - General Manager (Business Broker)

Ross Tiller
Ross Tiller - Scancorp General Manager

A practicing business broker for over 34 years, Ross is highly experienced in the field of corporate brokerage, merger and acquisition work and is qualified to assess and make comment on the value of plant and equipment and the goodwill pertaining to a business. Additionally, Ross has international marketing and capital raising experience.

Ross is a past member of the Board of the Real Estate Institute of South Australia, a past lecturer of business valuation for the Real Estate Institute Business Division Education Unit South Australia, a past member of the Natwest Australia Bank Valuation of Businesses Panel (SA), and has carried out business valuations accepted by the Supreme Court of Australia. Ross is also a current member of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland.

Qualifications: Holder of Business Broker Licenses in Queensland, Real Estate practice Certificates - South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria. Practiced in technology transfer to Mainland China, commodity sourcing import and export trading. Licensed Real Estate Agent since 1971 (SA) and Business Broking since 1974.


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