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Offerings to Business Owners and Sellers

Business Appraisal

  • Scope
    • Review of financials
    • High level review of business operations
    • Assessment against businesses within same industry
  • Outcome
    • Sale price guidance
  • Benefits
    • Credible guidance regarding potential sale price
    • Suggestions of strategies to optimize business value
    • Recommendation as to when and how to commence marketing
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IM Development

  • Scope
    • Inspect business
    • Undertake SWOT analysis to understand current and potential positioning
    • Analyze financials and prepare profitability
  • Outcome
    • Rigorous and compelling Information Memorandum
  • Benefits
    • Supports re-financing and/or capital raising
    • Enables a business to be effectively marketed
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List your business for partial or complete sale

Systemise your business

  • Scope
    • Identify all key intellectual property (IP) required for use by the business
    • Identify non-documented IP
    • Document critical IP by video and computer applications (this may include video recording of key processes)
  • Outcome
    • Systemised business
  • Benefits
    • Improves quality and business performance
    • Enables staff to access training on the job (eg via mobile technology)
    • Reduces reliance on business owner
    • Increases the value of the business
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Request DRO

  • Scope
    • Identify owner's objectives regarding sale price and timeframe
    • Undertake initial appraisal
    • Identify key gaps
    • Develop a program of initiatives to close gaps
    • Systemise the business Link to Systemise [4]
    • Establish meaningful metrics to measure improvement
    • Liaise with key stakeholders such as current bank, accountants and lawyers to prepare for potential divestment
    • Undertake discrete marketing of business as and when interested parties are identified - if desired by the owner(s)
    • Conduct regular reviews and identify ongoing improvement opportunities and initiatives
    • Commence discrete or overt marketing of business - if desired by the owner(s)
  • Outcome
    • Improved business performance
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Post Acquisition Support

  • Scope
    • Systemise the business
    • Establish a transition and/or earn-out plan to maximise use of current owner(s)
    • Establish, update or review the Business Plan
    • Identify key opportunities for improvement and establish initiatives to address these
    • Identify meaningful metrics to measure performance
    • Regularly review performance against metrics and against projections established during sale
  • Outcome
    • More effective transition
  • Benefits
    • Provides owner with greater support and confidence during transition
    • Improves financial and non-financial business performance
    • Enhances overall buying experience
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International Marketing Program

  • Scope
    • Develop an IM (if not yet developed)
    • Identification of target foreign investor segments
    • Tailor the IM as appropriate
    • Develop foreign promotion materials (eg multi-media presentations and/or documents)
    • Conduct international marketing campaign
  • Outcome
    • Promotion to foreign investor groups
  • Benefits
    • Provides access to a broader pool of potential buyers
    • Can result in a higher sale price
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Commercialisation and Franchise Strategy

  • Scope
    • Review commercialisation/franchise potential, such as through consideration of:
      • Unique products and/or services
      • Exclusive supplier arrangements
      • Current competitive positioning
      • Barriers to future entry
      • Extent of current and/or potential systemisation of business
    • Assess potential market for commercialisation/franchising
    • Establish potential commercialisation/franchise scope including offerings and geography
    • Develop potential financial business model including cost of franchise, price of products and services, revenue commissions as well as the cost to launch the product/franchise
    • Identify financing options (debt and equity)
    • Identify key actions such as IP protection, securing commercial arrangements etc
    • Develop implementation plan
  • Outcome
    • Commercialisation/franchise strategy and implementation plan
  • Benefits
    • Credible assessment of commercialisation/franchise potential
    • Development of commercialisation/franchise strategy
    • Pragmatic implementation plan
    • Potential expansion of owner's revenue streams
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Strategic Acquisition

  • Scope
    • Identify financial and non-financial objectives of acquirer
    • Identify post merger integration strategy
    • Identify "ideal" target based on size, industry and geography
    • Undertake targeted search
    • Facilitate acquisition
  • Outcome
    • Successful acquisition of target business
  • Benefits
    • Highly tailored search
    • Improved acquisition outcomes
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